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Masters of the Keyboard is an educational project for pianists and music lovers.

Discover the context in which each pianist was trained, who his teachers were, and if it took place in a school, a music conservatory or a private school?

Therefore, step by step, starting with the pianist then the teachers of his teachers and so on, you go back up what we call his filiation.

The objective of the Masters of the Keyboard project is twofold. First, to take up the challenge of visualizing these filiations – a cartographic work – and this was the aim of the large map produced in Spring 2015 where you can visualize the filiations of more than 1 000 musicians.
But also to easily be able to zoom in, i.e. to individually check out each pianist, and that is where a numerical application is essential.

Get the application for iPad in iTunes Store :

Buy / Acheter get the application in iTunes Store.


Get the poster – size : 120cm x 160cm.

Get it to show in your class of piano, as it gives pedagogical backgrounds which help to understand the filiation from which pianists belong to.

Buy / Acheter get the poster.

Conversation with Bruno Saint-Germain : Radio Portrait de famille by Philippe Cassard on France Musique November 7th 9h-11h.
About Masters of the keyboard, this poster which visualize the piano filiation from baroque area to middle XX century.
Podcast :

If you have questions :
send a mail to contact@thepianistscorner.com

Read the interview of Bruno Saint-Germain who explains how and why he did this project.

Interview in english

Interview en français

Go to La compagnie de Lazare to see these interviews and much more…

Brief description :
This poster helps you to follow the filiation of the Masters of the Keyboard from early 16th century to the middle of 20th century (pianists born before 1950 – this choice has been made for clarity purpose).
What I mean by “Filiation” is the fact – social fact – of saying “he is a pupil of”, and this is how pianists are presented today.
This information sheds light on the context in which the artist worked as a student.
It also highlight the important role of the teachers, who are sometimes forgotten by the history,in the transmission of technique and repertoire.

Masters Of Keyboard-partial

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